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DOM for most, SUB for few.

25 years. Specializing in humiliation, and stress.

Extreme Pet training.

South Florida, USA.

Willing to train the right pet/slave. Message to Apply.

I will only except a new pet that is able to peak my interest.

Write me why I should pick you.

List any past experience.

List your deepest held secret that you've never told anyone before.

Include photos or videos you think I should see.

Explain why you want this experience.

Explain what you hope to gain from being my slave.

And on a scale of 1-10, 10 being not very submissive, and 1 bring extremely submissive, where you land on that Spectrum.

Photos of every outfit and toy you currently own.

The name you would like to be called.

Your availability. General idea of times of days and nights, days of the week, or weekends.

Your current relationship status.

If you fallow my application directions to the T. You will be considered for training.

Humiliation, Degradation, Binding, Obedience training, Medical play, Dressing, Sensory training, Extreme teasing, Assisting in others training, Pubic and private.

You pick what you can handle now, and what you hope to handle in the future.


Master Z

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