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A letter I received from Professional Mistresses UK for Mistress Awards 2022! I would really like the UK newcomer start voting sluts!

If I win I will give everyone a present!

Dear Mistress,

Today I have launched the Professional Mistresses Awards 2022

Each and every one of you is part of our Awards and any of you can win a category or categories.

To collect votes, simply point your followers to your very own profile listed on and ask them to cast you votes by pressing on the Awards Link at the top of your profile page.

You can receive votes in one or more of the following categories:

Best UK Mistress / Dominatrix

Best UK Content Creator

Best UK Newcomer

Best UK Latex Mistress / Model

Best UK Medical Mistress / Model

Best UK Sissy Mistress / Model

Votes for our 2022 Awards closes on Sunday 31st July 2022

Kind Regards


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