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Sorry(not Sorry) I've been busy

My £10 discount went over so well last month, if you mention SummerFunJuly in your email, message I will give you the discount. Don't come to Me after you book saying "i didn't see your post/blog" Thats your fault for not being here sooner.

I am working on updating the site and adding videos and photos, although most galleries will only be on the app(so you should download it) it shows up as spaces on your phone so no worries of getting busted with a weird app.

I have so much content I need to edit so expect a lot of additions and changes. I'm learning about web design as I go so please be patient (unless I have someone here who can assist)

I'm also looking for other Dommes, Masters, professional switches or subs, or T-girls to join the other Dommes, Masters and subs, and if requested a T-girl section of the groups to advertise themselves and help promote the site. I will be advertising more when the site is up to par, including a link exchange, videos and photos, Femdom/Findom games and other ideas im working on. If you have any great ideas, please share them through messenger or email.

If you are on fetlife, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tiktok or Snapchat....I do have accounts on all either as Ms Sera, Ms Sera Berns, or Sera will find Me. Feel free to add Me on anything. I'm also on telegram, WhatsApp and messenger. If you want to book a session please use email or call to make it easier for Me. My # is +44 07506 502154.

My phone is not a toy. The block button gets a lot of use. Do not waste My time or make Me think you are wanking. If I block you it is a £50 unblock fee. This is the same for no shows. You will be on My naughty list, and that will get shared. I knowthings happen and I can be understanding, just communicate.

All sessions do require a £10 deposit, you can mail it if you have to, as believe I take getting prepared for your session seriously. I don't think its too much to ask to reserve a time and prove you're serious and worthy. If it is I'm afraid I'm not right for you.

I will be more active so get ready for more of Me!

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