Overnight Stays

Have you ever dreamt of seeing if you would enjoy a Full time, live-in slave position? Well you now you have a

chance, with Me!

You will arrive here late afternoon/early evening be stripped of your belongings and your name. Given a thorough inspection and told some rules to get you started. At night you will take Me to dinner and possibly dancing. If you have never experienced public humiliation and it's not a limit...the fun really starts here (having your balls tied up with a piece of fishing wire connecting them to My wrist, dancing would be very awkward for you, but between the dancing and watching your face ecstasy for Me) There are lots of things we can get up to here. If you are a CD or sissy there is a very open and friendly gay club I can take you to fully dressed with no judgement.

If public play isn't your thing, you can cook for Me, although will it be edible with Me distracting you? Even more reason to punish you!

You will help with My bedtime. Of course you will be put in bondage (varying degrees depending on your health, experience, likes and limits) and sleep either in bondage, protecting My front door like a good dog, or possibly sleeping at the foot of My bed if you are really well behaved.

The following morning you will wake Me, bring Me breakfast in bed(unless you are taking Me out) and help Me get ready for the day. I hope you have steady hands and are good with a razor, I would hate to think what might happen to you if you cut Me) You will be My chair as I put on make-up and I might even let you help Me get changed.

We might play some more in the am, but at 11am it's time to take the collar off, return your name and say goodbye, unless you enjoyed it so much you want to extend and stay longer. I will kick you out at some point though 😋

The tribute is £900 for this amazing evening with Me. If you want to extend it until later its £1000. You know you are thinking about an early birthday present for yourself.

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