My Dream

I've always wanted to buy a piece of land and have a house built with an oversized basement for a dungeon including a medical room, cross dressing parlour, jail cells, a padded room, slave quarters, multiple dungeon areas including a motorized Catherine's wheel, bondage bed, cages, spanking benches, bondage chairs, stocks, fucking machines, a hoist for suspension and a collection of toys that would put a shop to shame.

I also want to grow My own food, and have animals such as chickens, cats, dogs, goats and of course horses. This will be My slave farm. I will train new Dommes who can stay in the house with Me as will a few personal slaves (to be at our beck and call) I will offer slave "retreats" Stay for a day or stay for a month. Your training will be extensive and not a "walk in the park" We will break down any macho male ego and turn you into a submissive ready to serve the pickiest of Dommes. If you work hard enough, you will be rewarded handsomely. If you slack, you don't even want to imagine the ways we will make you suffer (or maybe you do) All I know is you will return home a completely different person and most likely with some extra fetishes.

How do I accomplish this? If I did multiple RT sessions a day for the next 5 years I still wouldn't be any closer. So what do I do? I will be making custom content and enlarging My store to include worn out socks, ripped stockings, old shoes, bras and some other interesting things. I will also be available for phone, video and text sessions. I will also be adding a section for Findomme games (I know it isn't for everyone, but being into BDSM since I was a teen, I have very few limits, I don't judge or kink each their own)

What you can do to help... a session, any kind! Buy Me something from My wishlist. Play the Findomme games such as guess my pantie colour, cock judging, blackmail, debt contract's wallet draining or even be a coffee or dinner slave or a grocery slave so I can save every penny. You can always donate to My dream. I have cashapp, PayPal, bank transfer or you can send cash or a money order to My place. Anyone that donates over £200 will get to be one of the first slaves at the farm when it's built. A weekend for no extra charge. So this has been My dream since I was 20, but because of a few hiccups with My health, I could never make it a reality. Now I'm back on My feet and feeling so much better I want to do this. Would any of you come visit?

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