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The link for the Sadistic Mistresses interview was wrong. Here is the correct link

And a picture of Me being sadistic to go with it. So a little backstory.....I was manager of the dungeon at this point. It was My responsibility to make sure there was action happening on 2 out of the 4 cameras we had rolling 16 hours a day. This night 1 Domme was over an hour late arriving, the other was an hour late getting ready. When I tried rushing them I got attitudes and they got into a fight. When I tried to break it up, I almost got decked! So I walked away and gathered some things. I came back when everyone was calm. I said "Who in here is the Head Bitch in Charge?" They looked at one another and sheepishly responded in unison "You are!" I said "That's right, and so you don't forget it, I'm going to take it out on your pussies!" I then proceeded to tie them together, pierce their labias and tie them together and make them stay that way for the majority of the 8 hours we were together that night. They were never late again!





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