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Mini "working" vacation

I decided to come to Manchester for a few days before I start re-hauling this site. Now that I have bought the domain and pay for hosting, I thought I should take advantage of some of the extra features. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact Me with them!

Even though I will be having fun with friends, I will always make time for short RT play such as public humiliation, public foot worship, golden showers, cashmeets, ignore, shopping, trampling....if I meet a bull out tonight I would even enjoy a late night cuckold session. You won't know what I'm open to, unless you text Me. 07506 502154

If you want to contribute to My mini vacation, to make sure I have maximum fun or you want to buy My drinks out, dinner, breakfast, an extra night at the hotel etc...I would appreciate it. You can send through PayPal, cashapp, bank transfer, mail, twitter tips. If I don't have it I can probably download it. I love being spoiled, and actions are deafening compared to words.

Rules for texting or calling:

1. Text first. Include your name, interests, what you want to do and the times you are available.

2. I'm on a mini vacation so My time is precious.....if you are a newbie with 100s of questions, you should see Me back at My dungeon.

3. Giving my # out does not mean I'm "available to chat with you" If you abuse My phone I will block you and it will be a £50 unblock fee as too many people are trying to abuse My kindness and take it for weakness and it stops now. If you want an online session, we can arrange one. Do not waste My time asking the same questions over and over while you jerk off.....any Domme in the scene for longer than a week knows all of your pathetic scams, so don't waste either of our time.

4. Text or call after 10am until 12am latest.

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