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Lucky for you February!

I've decided to be generous and giving this month. If you are a novice, I will be doing 45 minute "introduction to FemDom" sessions. The tribute will be £75 and will include a variety of light beginners activities. Of course I will have you fill out a checklist to see where your interests and limits lie....but ultimately, as always it's up to Me on what we do. That being said, please provide Me with any information about you and your fantasies, as I am truly curious. I do prefer at least 24 hrs notice to fully find out about you and to prepare. There is the off chance I've had a cancellation so you can try for a same day appointment. I just don't take multiple sessions in a day (if I can help it) If you have sessioned with Me, you know I don't watch the clock and can get "lost in the fun" so I never like to run into the situation where I have to rush and kick someone out when someone else is on their way. I do require a non-refundable deposit of £10, payable by cashapp, Venmo or PayPal. If those aren't an option you can mail it to Me. I don't think that is too much to ask to secure your day and prove to Me that you are actually serious.

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