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It's your Favourite holiday!

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

On Tuesday it is My birthday, which I know is your Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, being your Goddess 💜 So you know what to do, get on My Amazon wishlist, cashapp or PayPal to send Me a little something to show your appreciation and love for Me. Hopefully this hack will be sorted in the next week or so and I am now looking for a web design slave to help Me design a new site and I have someone to help with security if that's not your thing. I will of course barter with you for your time, or make some kind of deal with you. Just message Me through here if you want any details about anything (birthday info, address, web design) if you don't hear off Me for a day or two please message again in case it was deleted or anything. I really can't wait to figure out the identity of this person, because I will not be My normal, sweet and innocent self any longer 😈 I appreciate those who are sticking around and I will post pictures of the gifts I have received since this happened which I appreciate so much! And a special thanks to sissy Matt and slave Mark for really taking care of Me. I miss you all and My life, but I'm stuck in limbo until this is fixed. (A gift I received and I'm waiting for the strap-on to hold it

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