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I hate Mondays!

So hard to get motivated today. Good thing I don't have a booking! I think I will spend the day cleaning the domain wearing only My robe (I'm very particular and haven't met anyone to come clean once a day, that I want to see daily) The goal is to find 4-5 personal slaves that can come once a week for training, content, shopping......whatever the day calls for you will be there, tethered to Me somehow.(I am very creative and love fishing wire) if I need a chauffeur you will be it. You will be My masseuse, My maid, My chef and My play thing. I will also break you down till there is no more "you" I will then build you up into the best version of you. Well My idea of the best version of might be a cock sucking whore or My pain slut locked in bondage. Some of you will reach your potential and possibly find a real relationship that incorporates D/s (which makes Me so happy) and some of you will never take that collar off once I put it on you....but honestly why would you want to?

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