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Halloween Fetish Party

Yesterday I went to Evolution in Burslem. It is normally a swinger's club, but one Sunday a month they host a fetish party. It is hosted by Mistress Athena Valeria, who is so sweet (at least she was to Me 😂) Both times I have been now, everyone has made Me feel so welcome. It's completely different to the fetish parties in Florida. Where unfortunately there is a lot more peacocking and dancing than playing most of the time. Unless it's one of the Xtreme events, then it gets pretty wild.....but they are few and far between. So widget had never experienced impact play, so I gave him a nice hand spanking, used some floggers and paddles and gave his bottom a good working over. I then had My nipples moulded and I'm having a set of earnings cast out of the moulds. I can then go back and get cufflinks or jewelry made again as presents for people..... Christmas is coming, so guess what everyone is getting 😂 So here is what My costume looked like, and widget was a school boy!

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