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Don't confuse Me for a mind reader!

I was scrolling through Twitter and saw a post that irritated Me. A sub(I don't think it was anyone I have seen) was complaining about a Domme offering him a glass of water. He was saying it was a turn off, that he likes his Dommes cruel and mean. If you don't communicate this to a Domme, how is She supposed to know? I, Myself, believe in mutual respect and manners. If you come and see Me and I see you sweating and out of breath when you get here or during play, I will ask you if you need some water. I would rather do this, than have you pass out on Me! This doesn't make Me less of a Domme or soft. Your health and safety are My top priorities while you are with Me, and I haven't had any accidents or problems so far....and I'd like to keep it that way. If you want Me to be merciless and bitchy with no feeling....say it. I'M NOT A MIND READER! Professional sessions are quite different from a lifestyle session. If you are a collared slave that has signed a contract with Me, you have no say in what we do or how you are trained. With a paid session I will of course take your interests into consideration and create a scene hopefully we both enjoy, but you have to be clear on what you want. Also remember that fantasies and reality are totally different. Don't expect a Domme to read from a script or do everything you ask for in 1 session. A scene unfolds naturally and shouldn't feel forced. Another thing to remember, not everyone has chemistry and a D/s relationship is based on this. If you have a session with a Domme and you don't connect, that's no one's fault..... sometimes the spark isn't there. Don't give up, just keep looking!

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