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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

On the 28th I go to London and drive to Oxford Locationfor a few days and then head to Port Meirion Wales for a few days before going to London on the 1st where I will be until I leave for Portsmouth to get the hovercraft to the Isle of Wight to see friends until the 4th and heading back to Stoke on the 7th. (If I was needed for more sessions in London, and I will have time in Oxford, Portmeirion, London, and the Isle of Wight for sessions and #meetups, #shoppingtrips #cashmeets, #publichumiliation, #footworship, #ballbusting, #draining, #humanatms, #lunchdate #goldenshowers Anything Femdom or Findom. Let's make a custom movie while I'm in your town. Massage My feet at the local pub (maybe My very vanilla sexy "Finn-American" librarian friend will join in!) Or I will sell you to some random guy for the night, if we meet up at a gay club. On the 3rd in London I will be able to host sessions at My hotel. Everything needs to booked and a 20% deposit must be paid before I leave. I dont want to spend My vacation on the phone. It is a last minute trip do to friends and family coming from the states. You need to jump on this ASAP! Summer Specials do not apply. Message Me with these details to be considered.

  1. Name

  2. Location

  3. What day you want to meet?

  4. What are your interests?

  5. Tell Me in detail what you would like to do with your very limited time with me (be respectful, even if you were my 'type', I'm sapiosexual and I don't provide sexual services (there are other sites to find someone who will help you with that) In Ms Sera's presence good boys and girls keep their hands to themselves unless told otherwise! My friends could show 20 yr old scars! (Do as I say, not as I do!

  6. Email me your information ASAP

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