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Collecting Keys, Chastity and Me!

So far I have 8 keys to devices turning cocks into My sissy clits, or keeping that useless piece of skin you call a "penis" hidden away from actual humans. Seriously some of you waste a perfectly decent cock......why you got it instead of some decent guy with a great personality who is in love with a wonderful girl who could use some good dicking got it....but no you had to get a flabby meat sac for Me to lock away and only take out to abuse or show My friends for comedy, entertainment or torture. I do love taking you out all locked up. I love being in constant control of your cock. I love knowing its mine and you can't touch it! In fact what isn't to love about chastity devices. I think all men should be required to wear one, it will keep them more docile and easily trainable for when I rule the world. If you are interested in chastity, key holding, or giving Me control of your "cell mate" Message, call or email Me for details and packages are available at a discount rate for the summer 💜

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