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Busy Busy Busy!

Sorry not sorry I haven't been posting a lot the last 2 weeks, but I have been swamped. I have had quite a few Drs appointments and scans. After a scare, My mind is at ease knowing I'm cancer free. I've also been quite busy with sessions. I have to say so far I have enjoyed My time with everyone new I have met. Except for the time I accidentally slipped while stepping off the ledge of the bath after giving a golden shower 🤣 Clumsy Me! I have also received some new toys to play with. I have a violet wand, tens unit, humbler, new CBT toys, a sounding kit, riding crops, nipple clamps and new cocks and plugs for those hungry asses! Still waiting for some hoods, a body bag, gags, arm binder, more cocks and of course new outfits for Me. Why haven't you been to see Me yet?

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