An email I received today

This was a huge surprise and it totally put a smile on My face ☺

Dear Ms Sera,

This may be a bit of an odd letter, but I'm sure you're used to getting a lot of fanmail. A number of years ago (I'll spare us both the actual number...suffice it to say, I believe we are both just about the same age, and this would have been in our early-mid 20s) when I was a young newbie to my bdsm interests I came across a series of videos you did. Most of them involved you apparently leading a group of several other domme-oriented ladies against one incredibly lucky slave. Even after all these years, and with the excessive availability of other femdom videos, those of yours remain some of the hottest, most fantasy-inducing I've ever come across (I think I can still quote much of them). So much so that I'd occasionally try to see if you were still around, but I couldn't seem to find any active sites for you....until recently. And I think the main reason yours stuck out so much is that you don't seem to just be playing a part. You have this genuine air of Female Supremacy about you, and that is lacking in so much of the material out there.

I was hesitant to reach out to you for any number of reasons, not the least of which is, I'm sure it's a pretty weird message for you to get. But as I was looking through your more recent material I found a few things that were just too fun (particularly your "do you like feet?" interaction with your pedicurist, and your reference to Han Solo in Carbonite when someone posted a bondage cube, Lol!), so I figured, why not. Besides, it can't hurt to give some positive words to someone, even if they're a complete stranger, right?

It's such a shame you're across the pond now. While I don't live in Florida, I visit there regularly...and I'm sure you don't make it back here too often. But...a session with you!....such things as dreams are made of!

Thank you for taking the time to read my note here. I hope it added some brightness to your day. And thank you for being you and sharing that with those of us whom appreciate it.

I'm sure you're very busy, so I completely understand if you're not able to respond. I hope the week is treating you well.



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