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About a year now...

A year ago this past weekend I started creating a website with no idea what I was doing. I didn't have a play space. I had an awful roommate, but I knew I was ready to rejoin the fetish community and explore the scene here in the UK.

I didn't want to be tied to a site where I had to keep up with photo and video shoots, having a subscription area to constantly update or have it take over My life as I have so many other interests other than BDSM. So I came up with this....which will be changing slightly now I pay for hosting and the domain etc (YES I pay so you can be here and I don't mind) I wanted something everyone can be a part of. If you can't afford to pay for a Domme, it shouldn't mean you can't talk to one occasionally or get real information about the scene and Domme life.

I also wanted to help other Dommes advertise for free in My other Dommes group as I believe in supporting other women in the scene instead of fighting over slaves and being catty.

Being all inclusive I have started a group for Masters and female submissives as I don't want anyone left out. If you are respectful you are always welcome!

I hope you have enjoyed what I have done so far, getting rid of My roommate, turning an empty room into a working play space complete with more toys than I thought I would have thanks to everyone who has supported Me by coming in for sessions and sending gifts, especially Widget...who helped make the beginning of My dream come true. I will be adding more pages to the site and more content as well, as its made and edited. I have mentioned My slave farm dream and everyday I'm getting more ideas on how to make that a reality. So stick around because I know very soon I will be announcing new exciting things. This year is just going to get better and better and you will want to be a part of it!

I'm always willing to listen to suggestions so if you have any ideas about new things for the site, drop Me a message. What do you want to see more of here? Personally I would love a bit more interaction from you guys! With over 250 contacts, 180 members and over 9500 views since I began I thought I would have talked to more of you....but I guess lurkers are going to lurk 🤣

Hopefully this Internet safety bill doesn't pass so I can be here for years to come! So wish Me luck for year 2....which will officially start in September on the anniversary of My first session. Thanks again for being here and being part of this journey.

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