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I'm a natural born Domme, without a submissive bone in My body! I have been into the fetish scene since I was a teen. Having My first paid foot worship session at 17, I knew right away, I was born to make men suffer. I am a true Goddess, deserving of worship and adoration, "like Kali or Persephone before Me." 
I believe in Female Supremacy. Men are only here to serve and provide entertainment for the superior sex. As My slave, I will break you down to build you up into My perfect pet. A true D/s relationship should benefit us both. It's about synergy. I believe a real Domme should tear down the old you to rebuild her submissives up, turning them into the best possible versions of themselves. I want to leave a lasting effect on you (not just scars :)    I want you thinking about Me randomly throughout the day, not understanding why you can't get Me out of your head. I need you looking at different things and thinking "I would love Ms Sera to use that on me" Longing for the next time you see Me. 
I have a small play space In My home in Stoke on Trent. It isn't huge, but it's all Mine! I prefer afternoon and evening sessions, but can accommodate earlier sessions with plenty of notice. I enjoy all aspects of FemDom including, but not limited to sensory deprivation, teasing and denial, CBT, needle play, electro torture, spanking, pegging, golden showers, bondage, public and private humiliation, forced bi, wallet draining, chastity, blackmail, role play, sissification, foot worship, objectification, kidnapping and pet play. 
I enjoy playing with newbies just as much as I enjoy playing with experienced players. So don't think because you have no training I won't be interested in you. Quite the opposite! I love introducing people into the world of kink, and ultimately leading them down the path to self discovery. It's exciting watching someone discover everything for the first time. With experienced players it's great because they already know what they like and what they don't. So we can get building a relationship and seeing if we have chemistry. Either way I promise you will enjoy yourself and be begging for more!

More about Me: More about Me
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